Saturday, 20 August 2011

Dyfi's Progress

When I acquired Dyfi four years ago I found out at onece that he was a dyed in the wool sheep-chaser. I only went to the post office to get my pension and was asked if I re-homed dogs. I didn't but in a weak moment accepted Dyfi and thought I'd just house train him and find him a home. When we got home I tied him to a shed that used to house my neighbour's dogs when he was on holiday. In about 30 seconds he chewed through the rope and was chasing sheep in the next field. I caught him after nearly 2 hours.
Since then he has become quite civilised and is a lovely obedient dog except if he can see a possibly accessible sheep. Consequently he has to wear a muzzle on all walks etc around home as we live in the middle of Snowdonia sheep country.
On Thursday I left a kind dog sitter friend to look after Jess and Silver and drove Dyfi down to a farm near Abergavenny and yesterday we had one-to-one lessons with Sue Harper, a brilliant specialist trainer.
Dyfi did very well and enjoyed it immensely as he had all the attention all day without competition from the girls.
Now I have to put the training into practice every day. I have made the back garden over to dog training and ordered a shed to keep agility equipment etc in. WEhen not in use by me and dogs, it will be left open for the 3 pet sheep to mow.
I'll post in a week or so how we are getting on. Fortunately my new knee has given me back my mobility.