Sunday, 26 January 2014

Due to our wild Welsh weather and my state of health there is not a lot to report on the animal side. Having waited a year for some continuation in the treatment of my second knee and my right arm, both hospitals sent for me practically simultaneously. Fortunately, the summer festivals being  over, I could call on Emma for help. She had to commute as she and Phillip now have a year old son called Noah, a charming little boy. But she valiantly came up nearly every day to do the animals while I rattled back and forth in hospital transport between Ysbyty Gwynedd [Bangor] and Liverpool. Had my second new knee which like the first has been a great success. Only real problem was me rather than the knee and I am still somewhat groggy a lot of the time.
It didn't help that lightening struck our telephone [new dual one I had just bought] and there is still a peoblem. Emails don't work and only phone is a 30 year old bt one that I brought downstairs to the sitting room so that o can hear it and with luck get there before it stops. Spent some time in good nursing home. We are lucky around here in our medical services. The next thing is to get the arm done  -- cat can on friday and then preop in March. When the lightening struck Dyfi dog landed on my lap utterly terror struck. He is the biggest but also the greatest wimp of the three,
While I've been at home I have been investing in the services of an excellent jobbing carpenter to get various long outstanding jobs done. This had the double advantage that he [Pete] is quite in love with the wolf pack. as he calls my collies.