Sunday, 26 July 2015

Update From Bodyfuddau

It’s been a long time since I added anything here but life just got too complicated. I I am awaiting a new shoulder joint at Liverpool Broadgreen Hospital but it’s been a tricky journey. It was scheduled last year but I fell and broke my hip so it had to be put off. Now it has just been put off again so I am most frustrated and still trying to manage everything left handed.
Meantime while I was in hospital for the hip the wet got into the end wall of my house and the ceiling in my studio collapsed. Pete, a builder friend, offered to move in while I was in hospital for the shoulder to repair the studio and outer wall and to look after the dogs [who have an on-going love affair with him. Thinking we had a date for this [Pete said he wanted to do it while I was out of the way] we ordered scaffolding and so when the op didn’t happen the roof and wall still had to be done so Pete and a mate spent 3 days on the roof and now the end of the house is, I trust, weatherproof. I went away then to stay with friends for 3 days and he has demolished all the undesirable stuff from the studio. Everything from there is stacked in the spare room so no one can even get into a bed there and I can’t find stuff for bookbinding etc, Bought new supplies and have been using the dining room to bid books.
And Thereby Hangs a Tail [both colour version and black + white [from printers] sold out so have purchased more of the latter and am in the middle of producing more volumes of the first. Had also produced home-bound new book — The Filigree Sheepdog Tales, children’s fiction about small grey collie with a best friend who is a young dragon. That also sold out so managed to make several new volumes and have resumed my visits to Dolgellau Thursday market.
Have also translated And Thereby Hangs a Tail to Welsh and had it checked by a local friend who is a native speaker. Now I am waiting to see if my latest attempt at uploading it to the printers is working. This is not something at which I excel, to put it mildly..

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