Friday, 30 December 2011

Update on weather, dogs etc.

So far this winter has not tried to emulate the previous one. Everything round here is thoroughly muddy but, thank goodness, no snow. I actually got to have Christmas dinner with a friend and then get to other friends in Boxing Day. Last year my neighbour brought me Christmas dinner as my van was under a snow drift and I couldn't set foot outside.
So now I'm grateful for small mercies. Silver is still whirling round the lawn and churning the surface but, thanks to the plastic mesh I put down at the beginning of summer, she can't actually produce trenches so I expect when spring comes it will regenerate and still be flattish. She is a lunatic.
Dyfi Dog is back to supervising my dishing out of sheep's breakfasts and is behaving quite well, but is attached to a bungy rope just in case he gets any bad ideas about chasing.

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